Providing an independent source of highly accurate
space surveillance and tracking data.

Astro-Dynamics is a division of BusinessCom Networks - a fully privately owned group of companies registered in the UK, USA and the Czech Republic. Our team includes experienced astronomers, aerospace engineers, orbital analysts, programmers and system/network administrators.

Our space situational awareness capabilities emerge from algorithms and experience developed for astronomical applications, such as the analysis of variable stars, supernovae, quasi-stellar sources and potentially hazardous asteroids and near-Earth objects. Astro-Dynamics team is dedicated to continuous innovation and improvement of our sensor network, orbit determination and conjunction analysis algorithms, catalog processing and advanced data products. Our goal is to provide an independent source of highly accurate information to global space community in order to protect individual missions and support long-term sustainability of space operations.


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Space safety is
a shared obligation

As thousands of new spacecraft will be launched in the coming years, situational awareness and active traffic management are more important than ever. Astro-Dynamics is continually extending and improving its ground sensor network and algorithms to support a more reliable and available space enterprise.